<strong>Hygiene supply</strong> – only one of our services in a wide spectre of „ANCITRA” JSC</strong> services. If you want to take care of your office or home cleanliness and hygiene – we supply <strong>Katrin, Tork, Ambi Pur</strong><span> and other brand products:</span>
<li>toilet paper,</li>
<li>liquid soap,</li>
<li>air fresheners,</li>
<li>other products by the needs of the client.</li>
Also we rent dirt mats for dirt and moisture absorbtion. In order to minimize the premises of dust, dirt and harmful substances, ensure a good quality mat. <strong>„ANCITRA” JSC</strong> rents exceptionally high-quality mats that perfectly absorb moisture, dirt and all dirt entering the premises.