„ANCITRA“ services are not limited to office cleaning, we also provite all private house and appartment cleaning. We ensure a clean environment, cozy and clean rooms. We clean private homes and apartments with our professional cleaning products at the time that best for you. We carry out general and periodic maintenance cleaning of the house or apartment. We also provide all terrain care services.

  • private house cleaning,
  • apartment cleaning,
  • general cleaning,
  • post-clearance cleaning,
  • chemical carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning,
  • floor sweeping, washing, waxing, impregnating,
  • carpet cleaning, suction,
  • dust cleaning,
  • kitchen, bathroom and toilet cleaning,
  • garbage collection, removal, waste bins cleaning, and disinfection,
  • shaving rug, cleaning, rug rental,
  • hygiene supplies,
  • window and window cleaning, window frame and window sink cleaning,
  • rug cleaning, rug for absorbing dirt,
  • mold cleaning, extermination,
  • territory maintenance works: snow digging, territory sweeping, grass cutting, removal, landscaping,
  • facade cleaning, washing,
  • other cleaning or maintenance work requested by clients.

Private property homes, apartments and territories are cleaned and maintained by our highly qualified professionals who have accumulated years of experience. In addition, our service will save you time not only because of the prompt and qualitative care of the home and the area, but also for the money, because we use professional tools that ensure a special cleanliness for a longer period of time.

Take a look and enjoy the quality of the services provided!